Twenty-six students

Twenty-six students.
Tapping away,
on black portable keyboards.
on white displays of test and answer choices.
Searching within the depths of their
knowledge, &
All to answer 44 questions,
thought of by people who
have no idea what it’s like
to be in my classroom.

Twenty-six students,
Reading & Writing,
Some understanding,
Some Confused,
Some Motivated,
Many Discouraged.

Several test-takers stretching & blinking fast and hard.
But all are antsy, restless, tired,

Twenty-six nine & ten-year olds,
With weary eyes,
Stiff necks,
Sore hands,
Numb legs.
Sitting in HARD blue chairs.
Earbuds being fiddled with,
Legs swinging back and forth.
Heads looking up,
Heads resting on hands.

The bell rings. It’s recess.
Twenty-six restless KIDS and one disheartened teacher
exhale in unity.
All of us hoping that the results,
are in our favor.

--Alexis R., Adult