Humanity Understanding

A cool breeze comforts be briefly, yet with a breakneck immediacy, the furnace of the blazing orb above torments.

The crust of grit and perspiration caked at the corners of my eyes has been my life-long confidant.

On the crown of my hat, the deposited framework of my sweat.

A questionable swig of localized water from a rescued canteen.

Nevertheless, I require sustenance.

My shoes are the tattered remains of the many miles I have suffered.

Everything I own is upon my person, to reach an opportunity that my country cannot offer.

Of course, it is a land that I love, but its autocratic politics does not echo its adoration for me.

Without doubt, I sustain my progress. There is no quit within.

A well-weathered Coca-Cola shirt has blended into a supplement of my patinaed skin, a corporation of everything American I am wearing.

A man in a white house is attempting to quell my rebellion from my homeland, negatively assuming I will disturb his quality of life. I come in tranquility.

His ancestral lineage, immigrants themselves, I cannot understand the reasoning.

But it will come to pass, as my passion to survive is greater than his.
I am immigrating not for vice nor crime, or even for my benefit.
More so, to better the lives of others.

As a world of many colors, religions, social persuasions, languages, and those with disabilities, equality must be respected.

This humanity understanding.

Nearing, the unforgiving desert did not claim me. With grace, she has realized my intentions are earnest.

Surreal at all vantages of my constitution. A comfortable solitude. A reflection of adversity. An ambition of being. A deluge of tears.

Composing and on the approach of hope, with mind, body, and spirit in keep, I step into the United States, to create a difference for all of us.

--Noel G., Adult