Perfect grades
4.3 GPA
6 months of studying for the standardized tests
I remember,
those weekends
Study, practice test, repeat
Sister going to hang out with her friends
SAT top 1% nationwide
ACT top 3% nationwide
Oboe: 5 years
First chair in three ensembles
State honor orchestra
Debate: 4 years
Ranked three out of those four years
245 volunteer hours
“You’ll get in easy,” said my counselor,
“Don’t      worry”

Rejected from USC
Waitlisted at UCLA
AP Scholar
Cooking Club: 4 years, president for 2
Peer mentor: 2 years
Waitlisted at UCI
What’s going on
Their acceptance rate is higher
Not good enough, I guess
32 college credits,
not including AP
Student activist
Political campaign internship
Biology lab internship
Waitlisted at UC Berkeley
Not good enough

Rejected from dream school
not good enough
not good enough
why did I think I stood a chance

The last 4 years,
I’ve dedicated my life to 2 things:

Two to three to four hours of study every day
Long days
Long nights
Work never stops
Lack of sleep

Bre, wanna come play a game with us?
Bre, wanna go out to lunch this week?
Bre, wanna go see a movie this weekend?
No, I’m sorry...I can’t
I can’t count the number of times I’ve rejected my family and friends,
because of study or extracurriculars
I haven’t really gotten to be a…
normal kid.

N o r m a l
You can’t be normal! You must stand out!
you stand no chance
for admission.

But not being normal,
wasn’t enough either.
Accepted to 1 out of 7 schools
Five were “safety”, my counselor said
And even to those that weren’t,
I   am   enough
I always will be
I don’t need your approval
I am enough.

I’m sorry I didn’t win a national competition
I’m sorry I didn’t invent anything
I’m sorry I didn’t get perfect test scores
I’m sorry I’m not the daughter of an alumni
I’m sorry I applied to a popular major
I’m sorry I don’t know exactly what I want to do with my life
I’m sorry that I wasn’t what you were
                                                              looking for

But I did everything that I could
And I am enough.

-- Breanna T., 9th-12th Grade