Terrible People

Terrible people in this world start fires for their desire. They hate and don’t wait. Despite what they do they don’t have a clue.

Terrible people are rude and they bully you. They don’t know what to do because they don’t have love to go to. They fight for no reason and commit treason.

Terrible people trash and bash this earth. They are illegal and kill eagles. It is casual for humans to treat animals badly.

Terrible people all over this world treat their lives like they are evil. They bash and trash themselves. They hate and have no fate.

Terrible people around this world kill to feel warmth. They were the things to start forming global warming. They trade for trash and to thrash. They are scary monsters and animals are goners.

Terrible people don’t think it is ideal for animals to feel. They make them suffer and offer them for supper. They control the animal’s soul.

Terrible people shipped animals and create conflict. They treat and beat their animals and don’t think.

Treat animals nicely and make sure to treat the world nice too. Everyday we create destruction.

--Teah P., 3rd-6th Grade