Most Best Friend

Without my best friend, I don’t know who I’d be.

You are my best friend because you believe in me.

I don’t know how to explain how much I appreciate that you know what to say.

Because we are friends in our own special way.

Side by side or far apart, best friends like us stay friends by heart.

Through thick and thin, we have lived, but we will never let that tear us apart.

We fight every night, and we make each other cry too.

But I always end up reminding her, “I’d rather lose a stupid fight than lose you.”

She can be stubborn and sometimes short tempered.

Even if you don’t think she can, she is trying to change for the better.

I wrote this for you, my best friend, to remind you that I will always be there.

I know sometimes I’m annoying, but I just want to thank you for putting up with me.

Thanks for being my, Most Best Friend

-- Yulianna G., 3rd-6th Grade