Letter to the Candle in my Living Room

There’s this candle that is poised in the middle of my living room.
It’s a salmon painted candle resting on a white stand.
It’s a candle that’s never been lit.
It stands there tantalizing us with its potential to burn. To fill the room with its success.
It can evict the coldness that has taken up residency in this home. It can replace it with a comforting kindle of warmth.
A radiating heat that can soothe any cold.
This candle has the ability to turn this dark, lifeless room into an ambiance of livelihood. With its light, it can bring to life this echoing room of dying love.
This candle can show me all the things I couldn’t see.
This candle can show me the truth behind the night. That maybe it’s just a mere mask to scare you into believing that there’s nothing surrounding you. That you exist only in a void of emptiness and loneliness. But once you allow light to enter, you see all the things that have been there all along.
You are hope and you are revelations.
The night you were finally given the spark to ignite, you proved me right.
You fought off the demons that were given permission to stay, thanks to the admission the dark gave them.
You ran off the dark. You scared it away like coo-dies scare 3rd graders.
You created an environment that I relish in. So thank you for giving me the opportunity to witness your splendor.
You aren’t wasted potential. You are celebrated success. Rendered only by your ability to bring life to a room. So continue to shine and turn this house into a home.

-- Crefained, 9th-12th Grade