Dear Brother Death

Dear Brother Death
I send this letter for my arrival.
Father is not ready for me to leave.
His tears made rivers on his skin as he knelt by my bed.
He whispers soft and cold as the breeze of november.
The day that no one remembers.
Dear Brother Death
I hear lucifer's voice calling my name.
He said he will bring both of us together again.
Oh dear brother the wait can kill me to see you.
Dear Brother Death
My son sits next to me asking me to stay.
I make a thunderstorm as I tell him goodnight and leave him with a cold kiss on his forehead.
He roars with his father.
Dear Brother Death
I can see the gates of hell open to me.
A bed of wood and fire for me to rest at day.
Then night will come and I will dance with you in the moonlight.
Dear Brother Death
I have arrived in hell.
I will soon be with you Brother.
I am walking among the dead.
Persephone have loan me her chariot to take me to Lucifer's Castle.
There Down on one knee.
I will drink his blood.
I will eat his flesh.
I will soon see the light
You're sister sin

-- Alexandra G., 9th-12th Grade