A unique girl

There was a girl named Ayanna

She was quiet and scared and didn’t go to school if she didn’t wanna.

She had no friends but if you get to know her she would be as bright as the sun.

People are too frightened to come around her but she’s lots of fun.

Why do you think people are scared of her?

Because of a girl named Dyanna was spreading rumors.

One day Ayanna decided to come out as herself.

She had a smile that people admired and put her on the highest shelf.

They found out that she was very bubbly and petite.

But that didn’t stop her from being unique.

And as for Dyanna she got punished for her actions.

Everybody had serious reactions.

Ayanna and her uniqueness thought that Dyanna needed a second chance.

 Ayanna and Dyanna through a dance.

 --Mallory S., 3rd-6th Grade