Friend, you are always there for me when my spirits need a lift
I thank you for that you are truly a gift.

You are always there for me when I give you a call,
And I'm always there for you when you fall

You can be a jerk but we make it work

We can be depressed and miserable, but you best friend make it wonderful,

We have our odds and we aren't perfect but best friend it's worth it,

Though there is gold in the mountains,and Diamonds in the sea, those things will never mean as much as you mean to me

Although you can be rude
And more stubborn than me

But that doesnt matter as long as we are both happy

Thank you for being my best friend, you are always here for me and i'll always be there for you, even after losing other friends i'm glad we stuck together during all of it

--Isabel H., 3rd-6th Grade