Closet door

I’m in a walk In closest
Hoping to hide from who I am
Hiding with shoes, dresses and gowns
Theirs a lock on the door
Only I can break it
But I’m scared

The reactions
The scandal
Only I know how I feel
Theirs a rumor
Maybe it’s true
That’s the question
Why should I have to say
It’s my life

I can do as I want with it
When I’m ready to walk out
I will, With pride
who and what I am
That’s only my problem

I may be different
But normal can be boring
Who made the rules
It’s my life

If you don’t like it
I don’t expect you to
Just ignore it
What I do, my problem
What I want , my problem

Being in a closet can be boring
Why should I stay in it
shoes dresses and gowns
Their sparkle
Covering my difference
But I’m not the only one

Who said I should hide
Their hate
It’s cruel
But the sparkle
The difference
It can be shown
Past everything
With power and confidence

A new person shines
Between shoes, dresses and gowns
Until my time
In hope for it to come soon
All I hope to receive
But sadly society
Is cruel and heartless


The colors shining threw the cracks
Spreading words
Words I could never say
But I shouldn’t have to
You know what I mean
And I’m glad

I’m stuck in a walk in closet
only one way out
Going threw the door
Means a lot of things
It’s a risk
Their could be mixed feelings
But Sadly
The closet is best
The doors locked
only one key
Hidden away
Only at the reach of a choice

Gaining control of the key
Leads me
To loss of friendships
dirty looks
And unacceptable
Society is cruel

Why should I have to hide?

-- Rogelio L., 9th-12th Grade