The Unlucky Fox

There once was a fox named B’quot, 
Who, for bait, put carrots in a pot.
A rabbit hopped inside,
Then nearly jumped out of his hide,
For he had found the pan a tad too hot!
Then the fox spared some rotten veal,
And along came a coon named Camille.
She prowled in to eat,
But escaped through his feet,
For she wasn’t fond of being a meal.

But when the fox was just swatting some flies,
A frog who was an explorer stopped by.
He felt so very brave,
Stepping in a toothy cave,
And the fox sat down full with a grin so sly.

But the next day a hunter came,
And set off his gun with great aim.
The fox tried to run briskly,
But the hunter was too nifty,
And the once proud fox is now lame. 

--Kurt S., 3rd-6th Grade