Protect Our Earth

Our story begins a long, long time ago
When the Earth was little more than a big ball of gases
The universe, an endless void of matter
Elements crashing into the Earth
Shaping the atmosphere, creating volcanoes and mountains
After a while, a long, long while, there was life on the Earth
The earliest known bacteria and plants and animals
Beautiful rolling skies, emerald-green grass, brilliant, towering mountains, shimmering lakes, exotic, amazing wildlife
After another while, a long, long while, there came humans
Our ancestors
Struggling to survive
Hunting for food
Civilizations develop
Mesopotamia and Egypt
The Roman Empire
Fast forward in time…
The United States of America is established
Freedom, Independence, Justice, Liberty
The Industrial Revolution
Brilliant new inventions
Machines, steam engines
Later, Henry Ford’s Model T
Rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere
Warnings are sent out
Environmental groups are formed
Cries to protect our Earth
Pollution, global warming
Yet they ignore our pleas of help, of mercy, of compassion for our Earth
They keep drilling
Drilling, drilling, drilling
More pollution
Fossil fuels
Cutting forests down
Destroying biodiversity
Plastic litters the oceans and land
Unbalanced ecosystems
Mass extinction
Damaged coral reefs
Melting ice sheets and glaciers
Global warming is a real threat
What had happened?
What had happened to the beautiful rolling skies, emerald-green grass, brilliant, towering mountains, shimmering lakes, and exotic, amazing wildlife?
There is no other home like our Earth
If people would only realize…
In the future
One thousand years go by
Barren landscapes
Long abandoned warehouses and factories still spewing out black smoke
No one in sight
Lakes and rivers and oceans are polluted
The wildlife?
Huge masses of dead carcasses dot the arid landscape
Grayness everywhere
Darkness and despair
This is what happens if we ignore the signs
They do it for money
They ignore it for wealth
Their greed controls them
But does money matter when there’s no home left for us to live on?
What will our children say?
Is this the kind of world we want to leave for future generations?
We have responsibilities
What if we take action and some of the damage is able to be reversed?
Hopefully the Earth will be okay
Wildlife will bounce back and continue to thrive
Plants will flourish once again
We will learn to use clean and natural energy
No more pipelines
No more pollution
No more fossil fuels
No more cutting forests down
No more destroying biodiversity
No more plastic littering the oceans and land
No more unbalanced ecosystems
No more mass extinction
No more damaged coral reefs
No more melting ice sheets and glaciers
But that can only happen if we all pitch in to help
If we all do our part, we will succeed
And that’s the best thing, isn’t it?
Three words:
Protect Our Earth

-- Olivia L., 12