Your Lie In April

I always loved that stage that was put there
But now that audience is just thin air
Will it reach to the people I love?
Or will it fly with the doves?

Will it ever reach her?
Of course it won't
She's already dead
It will never reach her

It reached my heart
It reached my soul
When he played that first note
I was already mesmerised

I played and played
Always thinking
Always about her

I'm dead
The music reached me
Its sorrowful, soft rhythm

When I played
She was there..
Then grabbing the violin of hers
She began to play

My soul reached him
Before I even saw the light
I'm accompanying him
Smile, okay?

I never felt so sad in my life
But I'm smiling anyways
At least it reached her
No... Don't..

I stopped
Its time for me to go
Keep playing
Don't cry, okay?

Come back
Those things I wanna say
Don't go!

Its time for one final bow
Lets go meet back in winter
I'll see you again
When the last cherry blossom fall

When you play that first note of love

-- Shayla L., 14