When there’s no one around
you must go on your own.
You must sift through the meadows
using the moonlight and place yourself
in the valley fortressed by granite mountains.
There you shall lay and look into the pupil of the world
that only dilates in these moments.
Gravity grows in the chest
and you sink but it doesn’t pain.
You see your breath bubble up to the sky
as if you were lying down at the deep end.
Everything appears closer and larger in the water;
everything appears closer and larger now.
Breathe in clean air, the giant sequoias, the clear night
and taste what Muir tasted.
Religion has never influenced your life
but you feel welcomed among the Sufis, the Bodhisattvas, the Yogis.
How better could you have spent your night?
Toying with the trivial, mauling over the mundane,
distancing yourself from wild connections?
Existence is autonomous.
Where can I find you?

-- Ryan L., Adult