Wind In The Breeze

Rocking in the tree with the wind and the breeze,looking over the river,thinking where I would like to be. Hearing the wind thru the leaves of the trees, I heard God calling out to me. Saying in the scriptures of the scrolls there are stories that are told, it's like a picture puzzle putting the pieces together. Trying to understand the parables of the Holy Bible. I could not believe the whistling of the wind in the leaves of the trees and what they were saying to me. They were like words I've heard before, that were with God in the scriptures that are written in the Book of John. I felt blessed and enlightened, frightened with fear but I also embraced all since I knew God was there. He blessed me with His word to understand the sounds of the wind as His voice gets stronger when the wind starts blowing harder. I remembered to not be frightened but fear Him , I do. My strength is my faith and Gods's loving will is His mercy and grace. It was hard for me to walk away but I hear God's voice say to me, 

"Take the sound of the wind and this message and share it with anyone who will listen, many are called but few are chosen. Enlighten them of the first fruits and the second coming of the resurrection." Now as I go I find myself flowing with the all mighty streams of the river, sharing the life light of the creations of the Creator. Now as I live this life in the flesh I am living life better then ever that I can remember. I thank the Heavenly Father for the waters of the rivers a remembrance in my life that will last forever. Rocking in the tree with the wind and the breeze, looking over the river thinking where I would like to be.

-- Manuel S., Adult