I thought it was a nightmare
I walked past the mirror and you were there
I was you
You were me
We were the same person
But there was no startled awaking
Just the reality of my life mixed up and shaking
See, I had tried desperately not to duplicate you
However I realized too late, the transformation had come too soon
So I reflected
How can I turn out to be like the person I’d rejected?
The explanation, simple
I was a member of your class, your pupil
And I sat in that chair, eagerly
Absorbed as you maneuvered, patiently
You were the introduction to my life’s’ encyclopedia
And I was ready to document on every single medium
I worshiped you like a saint in church
Running your race, so you could pass the torch
I observed your angles as if you were and exhibit in a museum
In my eyes, you were the world champion and we were in a coliseum
You were my beginning, middle, and end
How could I think my life would not follow your trend?
And no one could have interpreted the awe I had for you
I still wonder to this day, if you knew I was watching you?
This reality of wishing my reality was a nightmare was destined
I was bond to be just like you, no question
I am you
You are me
We are the same person
I learned integrity, when you forced me to tell the truth
I embraced patience when you sent me to my room
Grasped on to creativity when we became deprived
Engineered solutions, excellence inspired
So, in my reflection
I was wrong for my rejection
It took patience to teach me when I became disorderly
I know it’s hard to forget, but I didn’t do it unknowingly
I am your legacy, expended
Your time on earth, I represented
God created you, to create me
Blessed you, so that you could bless me
You were the predecessor to my current position
The wise whisper in the wind, I had forgot to listen
God gave you the job of craftsmanship
Knowing that you would lead me right into him for relationship
You were the sound of the gun at the start of my race
Logically, someone would have to take your place
And as I’ve gotten older, I regained my awe of you
I bet God knew all along I’d be watching you
He knew that one day I would realize:
That I am you
You are me
We are the same person
Just as it was in my design

-- Shameka H., Adult