I asked him to carry the tears
Unto a dawn of purest light,
Where the smiles of the daffodils
Are more brilliant than any star
That could escape the grasp of God
And fall to Earth with a heavenly blessing
To bestow on the hearts of man
A tiring tranquility of melodic peace
Such that when he and I closed our eyes
We became one with each other
As our souls intermingled like the breaths
That our heavy hearts did sigh into the night

And in such singularity, It consumed us.
As we were distraught by the multitude of thoughts
That were both his and mine.
As we were lost in the waves of passion
That dictated our rage and happiness.
As we learned, ever so slowly,
To walk in sync with this life
To move that leg which was shared by two
And inch it forward onto the wanderer’s
Worn grass path so fruitful in the silent underbrush
To raise that hand whose tendons and muscles
Flex and singe with an internal poison of confliction
Til the veins of forsaken unity burst in the undertaking

But we learned to walk and to run
And to leap such great chasms that
When we looked into the darkness below
We saw the divisions of our pasts fade into the shadows

The new dawn; she reached her delicate hand nigh
And in her glory and grace’s radiance, the sun,
We were utterly consumed
By love more vastly infinite
Than time and space and all that is in between

-- Cristian H., 15