I speak the unspoken
words, stuck in a system
clogged and choking
on promises broken
given like tokens
when fresh ideas are within reach
to teach students each of whom has value
in this equation
are you relating to what I'm articulating?

Egos swollen to crush dreams stolen
owning nothing but pointing blame
the game remains unchanged when
leaders linger too long in the mirror
of their own ideas unable to hear
the voice of reason echoing
through crowded halls of students
streaming against the current
flowing from adults knowing what's best

Throats sore from scolding young minds
molding into shapes pleasing to the sculptor's eye
deny inner drive to motivate only one roadway
paved in black and white decisions
leading to a success that's given
when students dreams are created for them
it's a symptom of a dying system
mouth widened with words
like an angry mother into
ears of young minds who only want
to dream in color

-- Robert F., Adult