to the person who loves,
giving all,
and receiving nothing:

do you think your love
will change the world?

you are one,
and your love essentially


for the one who wakes up,
looks in the mirror,
and can actually look into their own eyes;

the one who wakes up at night
and pulls another blanket over their shivering body
and sees your picture in their periphery;

the one who cries,
knowing full well you’ll dry their tears;

the one who lives on,
despite having no good reason,
because your love has become
reason enough…

yes, for them,
your love is
the reason the earth spins
and children play
and cats cry at a stranger's door,
let me in, let me in.

your love is a cry in the dark,
not sure if it will be answered,
but heard, always heard,
by someone who now knows they are loved.

-- Ashley F., Adult