They Say

They say everything happens for a reason
The loss of life, the heartache, the changing of the seasons

They say that in a blink of an eye you could loose it all
Leaving you with nothing but a broken mirror and your back slumped against the wall

They say that love is blind
That compassion and sensitivity could make you loose your mind

They say all these things in hopes of instilling morality into those who hold blind faith

They say all these things because they think you are scared, when they themselves are afraid

Yes, everything happens for a reason
But in that reason we must strive to find the greatest parts of ourselves

Yes, one day we will loose it all
But what's a life well lived if you never fall

Is it love that's blind?
Or is it infatuation that clouds your eyes

They say, they say, they say
They will always say

So let them

But never let them take away what you want to be real
Never let their words shape your fantasy or change how you feel

Never let them take you to the brink of madness
Never let them drive you utterly insane
Never let them believe you can't handle it
For these are the words they will always say

-- Kaylin I., 16