Then Comes the Day

As the wind whispers through the leaves,
In the tall cedar trees,
The last rays of light streak across the heavens.

The sky is a canvas of clouds that float by,
And the sun is a half-lidded, big yellow eye,
Closing to shower the world in darkness.

Over the horizon come those bright, twinkling stars,
Illuminating the night so you can see to Mars,
The universe extends in all directions.

And the moon, in her majestic white gown,
Slides upon the sky like a magical crown,
Lighting up the night sky.

But from somewhere way up high,
Come gray clouds that yearn to fly,
Across the never-ending expanse of black.

Oh what glory, lightning flashing,
Dark clouds rolling, thunder crashing
'Cross the strip of perfect midnight sky.

All night they present an imposing image,
Shouting out their violent message,
Until they have exhausted all their strength.

And finally, the sky can rest,
Thanks to the sun's big crest,
coming out and showering its brilliant rays.

Like tiny oceans in the soil,
Puddles shimmer like tinfoil,
And worms come out from deep inside the earth.

The world wakes up at dawn's first light,
Ready to greet the new day's plight,
And all the joys that being alive can bring.

-- Lilly L., 12