The Song that Seasons Sing

Why, have not you heard?
Have not you heard the wonderful word?
Have not you heard this wonderful thing?
It's true, spring can sing!

Now, now, do not ask me why,
Simply look from the ground to the sky!
What do you see?
A beautiful bird and a squirrel in the tree!

Why, my friend, have you been living under a rock?
Everyone knows that spring can talk!
Look at the butterflies and the bees!
See the trees swaying in the breeze!

You exasperate me, dear friend!
To the song of spring there is no end!
While the weather will become warmer and spring will go,
The song of spring is still in your soul!

Spring has gone and summer is here!
Come join us up on the ocean pier!
Watch the children laugh and play,
Or watch the boats sail all day.

You could mount a horse for a beach ride,
Or watch a big ship, ever so wide.
You could make a new friend,
Wishing summer never had an end.

Fall is here, back for more!
The migrating birds, how they soar!
The leaves turning orange and red,
The perfect time for a book to be read.

School is back while it gets older,
The joy of students who are getting older.
Then comes Thanksgiving, with a wonderful feast,
With turkey, gravy, and bread made of yeast.

Then it starts to snow!
Winter is here, you know.
Off the skiers go,
For some fun in the snow!

Speeding nimbly down a mountainside,
Oh, what a fast and thrilling snowy ride!
Then a blizzard comes in,
And you have to stay in your cabin.

However, it's fun all the more,
Sipping hot cocoa, listening to the wind roar.
And that's a perfect snowy year.
For skating, sledding, and skiing, up goes a cheer.

And that's the song that the seasons sing,
Letting out a very true ring.

Alyssa K., 10