As I slowly close my eyes from a busy day, rest my stirring thoughts, only to awake me. A tint of soft, yellow light peeking from under my grandmother’s door.

Hearing the soft, delicate waves of the beach, putting all of my worries aside. The moon’s pull, allowing me to be apart of this dance.

Cars rumbling by, their tires grinding on the old asphalt road.

The mist of the sea, sprinkling on to my face making my hair blow in the wind. Shadows of all types swirling around me in all directions, healing my worries and fears, like my mother used to do.

The aqua-blue water twisting, and churning inside me reaching my heart, leaving my thoughts and day behind. My hair, twirling beside me, flowing freely behind me.

Swimming up for air, coming back to the world, and even as I turn away, I am still apart of the dance; the dance of life.

--Gianna M., 10