The light of Infinite suns

You cannot hold back a sunbeam
try as you might

You cannot hold back the wind as it swirls around the earth

You can only fill your sails
and let it carry you into the brilliant unknown

You cannot hold back the oceans
or the sky, or the turning of the earth

Anymore than you can hold back the power and beauty of
goodness and love

The highest forms of Truth

It will crack any darkness and fill it with streaming light
even in the darkest night

We are born of light
and we fade into the light

An ever abiding brilliance
the light of infinite suns

An eternal river of light
expressing itself in countless ways and endless forms

Traveling from sunbeam to sunbeam
illuminating the way

This is our shinning moment

This is our dawn before we melt into the stars

A brilliance returning from whence it came

An ever present golden moment reflecting upon itself
in sublime illumination

Cracking the darkness
with the light of infinite suns

-- Gary G., Adult