The Game

The game was almost over.
What should he do?
Should he kick, shoot, or throw?
What if he chose to kick?
He could imagine dribbling the white-and-black ball towards the goal, weaving through all the defenders.
But would he make it? What if the goalie blocked his shot?
What if he chose to shoot?
He closed his eyes.
He imagined bouncing the basketball up and down, maneuvering his way through the players to the front of the court. Should he take the shot, or pass the ball?
What if he chose to throw?
He knew football better than any other sport. When he played, the football felt good in his hands. He imagined 11 seconds left on the clock, Doug the quarterback looking for an open receiver. He was open, so Doug threw the ball to him. He ran and ran down the sideline. But when he got to the 10-yard line, a cornerback came rumbling in and tackled him at the 1-yard line. He stretched and stretched his arm. The referee reviewed the play. He got the touchdown!
Well guess what he chose, he chose to throw and look at that, he just won the game.

--Andrew L., 10