The boy's past

Their was a boy
Respected and hated his past
For it shaped who he was
But didn’t like being scared
Of the unknown in him
Natural for the mind to fear unknown
An unknown beast from hell in him
Past filled with healing hurt or lost creatures
Bends, twist and break his personality
To fit in and help others
Not many know him truly
He helps others not knowing how to help himself
Hurt creatures have walls around their hearts protecting
He never made walls so he’s always vulnerable
Emotions punishing the unknown beast
Making it stronger, furious
Scared of releasing it
For he would lose himself, control
Like a drug addict would
Absorbs pain from others
Like a sponge but it never leaves
For this the unknown beast from hell is never released
For he is scared what would become of him
What would become of the job he burden on himself

--Nicholas M.,  14