thank you to the friend that holds me together

when my heart is a dam held together by glue
about to burst
your gentle hands hold me together and
help me empty my feelings out

when my eyes become waterfalls that
gush out and attack the keyboard of my phone
your voice of reason holds me together and
prevents me from drowning

when my words are hail
pelting down from my tempestuous thoughts
your intuitive nose shifts out the storm before it arrives and it holds me together by
creating a shield to protect the thread that keeps us close

when my ever-present expectations for myself
trap me in a tank filled with water, everyone watching
your laughter wakes me up, destroys the imaginary voices, holds me together and
helps me find the strength to break the glass

when my arms and legs get tired of
swimming against this world’s intolerant river
your attentive ears hear my silent frustration and gives me a hand, holds me together until
i am ready to continue on my own

when my self-doubt expands into an ocean around me
leaving me isolated, engulfing my hope for rescue
your knowing heart builds a refuge inside itself, holds me together and
reminds me that i can swim

so when your world attacks you
from the inside or from out
i’ll be there to hold you together too
because that’s what friends are for.

-- Marvia C., 15