Tender Music

Dawn on this creation
From the day of existence
You have surrounded my heart
Illuminating my spirit
Settling in the Garden of Eden
Your sweet melody engulfed me
You mingled with the starlight
And swayed with the wind
Oh, music, tender to my soul
Grasp me from this illusion
Where every step is a burden
And every glance a sorrow
Drown out the misery that
Dictates those innocent lives
Who wonder in the darkness
In your white velvet gown
Restore the earth to its original peace
Where only harmony and beauty exists
Take the galaxies and paint them across the sky
Know that I have wondered far
And lost my way in silence
Cast upon me eternal slumber
Cradling me in a canvas of paradise
Swaying with the inner melody that sings
For, for eons, I have waited for you

-- Sande W., Adult