So I can live again

The world was freezing around me, the cold fell upon my body. My view was something out of a movie, simply unreal. My body could not move and I was on my knees as if begging. I could say only two words
" I'am sorry "
A barrel of a gun was pressed against my head like it was destiny who wanted this, as if this was needed, as if everyone in the world wanted this and that's exactly what was wanted. It all happen so fast I was barely able to grasp what was going on in this world.
While the words spewed from my mouth over and over again, I closed my eyes.
Upon opening my eyes again I had a diffrent view. I could see a kid on their knees as if begging for their life. I could feel something heavy in my right hand, a gun, a simple hum was playing in my head. It was driving me mad. I could tell what had to be done to stop the noise, what had to be done if I didn't want to become the world's toy. I put the barrel of the gun against the kid's head, understanding that this is what needs to be done. I can hear the words
" I'am sorry "
all I do is scoff and pull the trigger. kneeling over to see the kid. I still scoff when I notice it was like looking in a mirror, in all the things I could say or do....all I did was smile. No more depression, no more sadness, no more tears, no more of this madworld that designers to hurt me. Why is there no more? Well...I just killed myself. I didn't kill me, I killed the old me so I can grow, so I can see the world from a new perspective. I killed myself so, I can live again.

-- Shane J., 17