Reckless love

So many things come up to my mind, so many things to do and not to do, so many people looking onto you! Is it true, is it false? Is it, right, is it wrong? A swirl of emotions, the rain falling, the stars fading, but the blue prevailing... the space we live in, such a passenger I have become, craving the good and the bad, but just staying to be strong. Don't know why, don't know how, but the truth is, the love I feel for you is now. If I go without falling in love with you, my soul will perish, my mind will blow and our lives together will be no go. Oh, beautiful soul of yours, so tender, I have chose! What have I done to deserve you? Nothing, but ache have I inflicted upon you. Forgive me my love, forgive me beautiful lady, but you are the one who steals my breath away. I might be a little crazy now, but your love will save my soul. Oh young lady, come and embrace me, because you and I will always be alive. 

--  Roberto G., Adult