Poems of Seasons

Spring is a wonderful thing
Where you can do anything
You can swim in a pool
Eat ice cream till you’re full
Winter is gone
But not for long
You can play in the sun
O what so fun
You can feel the breezes, but no freezes
O what so fun

Summer, there is no school
More time to play in the pool
More time to do more
Instead of sitting on the floor
Vacation for nine weeks
But it doesn’t seem as long as you think
Times goes by faster than a race car at full power
So you better hurry up and do what you got to do
Because sooner or later we have to go back to school
Summer there is no school

Halloween is in Fall
The season where leaves fall
All of the leaves change color
So go ahead and call your mother
You can rake the leaves with your mother
But guess who would jump in them? Your brother
It’s been a month past break
So go ahead and grab that rake
And rake the leaves till it’s Christmas Eve

Winter is the season of Christmas
We all drink hot cocoa
Where we all get presents
And say Merry Christmas to all of the residents
Also so fun to play in the snow
With snowballs you can throw
The night where you look at the stars
Maybe even see Mars
The stars are o so bright
Perfect for this Winter night

--Aiden P., 11