My body is not the definition of ugly, fat, or mistreated.
I am a woman in power.

My hair is thick, brown and not in control.
I am a Latina with Mayan blood running through my veins.

I can rage to the movements of Vicente Fernandez after a family party.
I am the daughter of immigrants.

My eyes are big and slim like a football.
I am the daughter of Mayra a Chilanga from Mexico City.

My skin is light in the winter and dark in the summer.
I am the Great Granddaughter of Seferina of Mayan decent.

I am a voice to those who were never heard.
From the Guerrilleras in Colombia,
To the first women to march in Mexico City.

You are my past, present and my Future.
I devote my right to you.

I am the voice of the young Ruby Frayre Escobedo lost in the Juarez Femicide war.
I am the voice of Mayra the victim of Machismo.

La Raza is my people and my body is their statement.

-- Shayla M., Adult