One Rainy Day

The clouds sang and I danced.
I danced as I had never boogied before,
By the door on the floor.
I danced as if the rain maker was keeping score.

I did the twist, the mambo and the tango.
I also did the flamingo.
I did the Macarena, la bamba and la quebradita.
It was all good.

I danced the swan lake like a ballerina,
I danced exotically like a bird.
I did a break dance and I was popping.
Then I started tap dancing like Fred Astaire.

I did the bump with Mr. Hump,
I danced salsa salsera and cumbias.
I did the waltz and the watootsie
With Mr. Kabooskie.

Then the rain stopped,
The clouds quieted down.
The music stopped and I went home...
It was all good

--  Linda C., Adult