Old Love New Love

Old love, new love
She was the girl I dreamed
Holding hands was best at first,
At least so it seemed.
I love you
Do I love you?

She is like a cool song of love
That’s catchy, she clings to you
She is fly like a dove.
Unforgettable is she,
I need her around me.
Love is what I be.

All she needs to do is call
We meet at the mall.
We split, we argue,
And that’s that,
Love hit me with a baseball bat.

New love, old love it’s all the same
All’s fair in love and war so I’ll play that game.
There she is, laughing, smiling
Enjoying life while I wept
Her love is what I kept.

I suppose,
Her love is simply amazing like a rose.
To find new love is a journey that comes to an end
Broken hearts, please help me mend.

Let me be the one to say,
How beautiful you look today.
We can play that game,
Old love, new love
Well it’s really the same. 

-- Dallas Z., Adult