Narcissistic Knowledge

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)

Despite the fact we ended on bad terms
your teachings will always carry in his heart
like how you remember a narcissistic boy

Worrying about his image only. . .
but you’ve called this boy many names
so is it even worth to list these
flees you’ve planted on his head,
the seed you’ve stimulated on his bed?

No dementia. . .
you keep forgetting
they’re not even aware
of your cot
you laboriously plot
of your so called ‘wants’

While simultaneously having a lantern
inside that barely shines
just like their imagination
rusting like a junkyard

Mourning over the first freedom
spelling the first love on paper
sympathizing emotions
sympathizing with one self
a specific self
you particularly contemplate

But when you contemplate
month by month
you realize you’ve cut
a piece of your lifespan
and tossed it away
So when you complain about pain
know it’s your mind
distracting you
from a compass

Without this compass
you’re just another
familiar person
that’s beautifully underappreciated

Repeating actions
due to pride
and stubbornness

You have to be willing
to stop repeating actions
from yesterday
because it’s today

A day where there aren't any u-turns
driving you to ‘happiness’

Soon the past will present your future
and you’ll never
glimpse at the person you can be

Don’t identify yourself from what you present
you’ll soon resent from the present

Which is life. . .
the existence between

Welcome. . .
the Narcissistic Knowledge
we all carry inside

-- Zachary G., 17