My Tapestry

I am a painting that has just been started, only a speck
I am starting off by a mixture of white and brown
I am lightly placed onto a canvas that already contained hard paint with many colors of the rainbow
I am the third layer of this caramel brown and the other two layers have not been completed yet
I am guided by warm, caring hands and strokes that guide me in a certain direction
I am slowly able to understand the growing images around me
What I know is from the influences around me good and bad
What I know slowly shapes me like a sculpture
What I know guides me through life like a shepherd guiding their flock
What I know can and already has affected me in more ways than I can understand
I have looked at other ways to guide myself and noticed things that I had never seen before
I have noticed dark blurred images that caught my eye once or twice
I have been taken by these dark blurred designs and choked like a plant and a weed
I have vanished from my spot on the canvas and leaped onto another that contained paint of black and red
I have no room on this new canvas everything around me is dirty and smells rancid
I have noticed claw marks of something trying to escape depths of darkness
I have bleed through my ears by the screams and cries of the word no over and over
I have stumbled and fallen so many times that the dirt contains little pieces of my skin
I have noticed the liquid streaming down my face onto the dead lifeless ground
I have noticed one star in the sky the only thing giving light
What I know is that it is trying to guide me somewhere
What I know is that I have been bruised, cut and broken that I don't want to be seen in the light
What I know is that I don't belong on this canvas
What I know slowly ignites the fire within me
What I know surfaces my brain and guides my bruised feet to the direction of the light
I am pulled up by many hands of different shades of color
I am cleaned off and guided back to my spot near the carmel brown color who have grown in their design in a substantial way
I am surrounded by a masterpiece on the bright canvas
I am different from when I was here last, for now I have grown
I am part of something bigger and always have a light that will guide me as long as I look up

-- Angelica L., 15