My old friend, the Willow Tree

My old friend, the Willow Tree;
was so fondly dear with me
You can taste the dust in the air,
from where the old branches used to be.
She was my Willow Tree,
that nurtured and looked out for me.
Cause in the world, all I heard,
was the chirping birds & the buzzing bees.
The Willow Tree only showed me,
the sweetest smells ever known.
The aroma of the dewy grass,
she left the fowl stenches alone.
I was cowardly because of my Willow Tree.
she blinded me, I couldn't see,
that kindness is taken for granted.
That the wolves are out for everybody.
The Willow Tree wept for me,
as I fell to my knees.
The rough dirt scraping me,
I needed to learn how to bleed.
Now the world is damp and cold.
I hear her crying in the night.
For the young me is gone,
The Willow tree has died.
-- Lillie L., 16