Midnight and Stars

Midnight is a time where most people don't go out. It's night time but technically it's a new morning. Although many people don't go anywhere, because of the fact that those people are scared of the dark and are afraid of the black world the lingers outside of their homes at midnight, many are then stuck in their black minds. People have an amazing sense of mixing emotions together. Black can be an emotion. A person can wear black to a funeral to symbolize death. But you don't have to stop living to die. Your soul can turn black. Therefore wearing your black band shirt to one of your band's concerts since you therefore want to stop feeling black and want to feel more black. No this is not contradicting each other. Black can be a happy person or thing. It can lead to wondering into the depths of space to the depths of your mind. It is poetic. It is lovely. Black is not only a symbol of fear, but also a symbol of hope.

-- Maritsa S.B., 16