Light of Love

My life was full of remorse and shame;
how could I possibly begin again.

I always looked to others to find me;
and was left alone feeling the same.

One day I looked farther than ever before;
I reached inside to God who opened the door.

I opened my heart to the one who created me,
and now my eyes are open to a new destiny.

My treasure has been found and I look up above;
receiving His daily love.

I rejoice in the new life given freely to me by His grace;
no more am I ashamed to look at my face.

Even though I am old, I am being made anew;
My Lord knows exactly what to do.

He has set me free and into the light I will stay;
loving others along the way.

There is no limit on love and freely I can give;
so others too may come to know our Savior and live.

-- Jan M., Adult