Life's Pleasures

Life's simple pleasures are all one needs
forget the stuff
and money
and see whats in front of you

In spring -
watching the blooms appear
seeing the baby animals appear
watching them grow
seeing the world
come back to life

In summer-
the feeling of the stifling heat
hitting your cold skin
walking from the oppressing heat
into a meat locker
sitting in a hot car and
feeling the A/C hit you in the face
Going to the beach
and shivering from the cold
The bored feeling of relentlessness

In Fall-
watching the orange and gold
spread across the leaf
seeing the fall, slowly, to the ground
feeling the leaves crunch-
under my feet
seeing the life drain-
from the earth
felling the first Fall breeze
whip across your face

seeping the bare silhouette of the trees
feeling the cold nip your bare skin
seeing your breath in front of you
the frost crunching underfoot
the crisp air from the mountains
the rain pouring from the sky
seeing the snow capped mountains

And the one that is always there
But ignored by all-
The Stars.
looking up at the sky
spinning to see them all
And the immense joy when
you see more than three

-- Rajnee B., 15