Journey Home

To die is beautiful
A graceful bow
While in the moonlight
Sensing wolves howl

Echoes travel swift
Moonbeams bounce off trees
I hold my breath
And prepare to leave

Falling but weightless
I tumble down my hole
No sense of direction
No hope for my soul

Black on black
No future, no past
No thoughts, comfort, pain
But absence doesn't last

A love gone before
Makes his presence known
Speaking in my favor
To not reap what I have sewn

Life is not owned by us
But gifted upon all
And my selfish act
Has made me fall

Darkness is a courtroom
My soul on trial here
Heaven, Hell, or Inbetween
I understand fear.

I wanted separate peace
To be with loved ones passed
But fate cannot be forced
Without a shadow cast

Revived and critical
My choice, unmade
The sweet breath of life
A loved one gave

My soul returned
I walked away
Knowing my fate
If I was to stay

I remember the journey
The price almost paid
By for the Grace of God
I have been saved.

-- McKenzie L., Adult