I've Found Myself

I've found myself.

I found myself in her laughter.
In the way she laughed both with me, and at me.

I found myself in her vision,
for maybe it was her eyesight that allowed her to see much further than what was visible to the naked eye.

I found myself, in the pure naiveté of her emotions.
Maybe one day I'd recuperate the the innocence to love someone so stupidly deeply as she loved me.

I found myself in her audacity.
In the way she boldy walked directly against the current of a crowd. She was something that tackled the paradox of being different. She was something that, after your life had gone by, barged into the room proclaiming her arrival as you lay on your deathbed.

I found myself in her ironies.
Only her eyes could look so gloomy, yet exuberate the most sincere of happiness.

I found myself in the colors of her existence.
In the endless hues of amber in her hair, and the chilling shades of blue in her eyes.
In the light she shed in the dark, and in the rainbow she used to paint the black and white canvas of my life.

I found myself in her beauty.
In all the curves and crevices of her anatomy.
In how breathtakingly intricate her mind was, and how with all her imperfections, she was nothing short of perfect.

For the many lives you live while alive, she was something transcendent. She was the constant factor in my ever-changing cycle.
With her, I may never be lost.
For once I've found her...
I've found myself.

-- Ashlee A., 15