I always roll the windows down...

The smell of chorizo fills the air
No hay ventanas en mi cuarto
No one ever said, "Life was fair."

Time to get a move on...
La oscuridad de afuera te consume
The light is nonexistent, but it is dawn.

We drive for hours it seems
Las uvas y los campos nunca terminan, se hacen eternos.
The long day ahead living on my knees.

Tiny beads of sweat follow each other down my face
Las ampoyas crecen en mis pies y mis manos acalambradas por el sol y el esfuerzo.
As I carry loads of grapes by the case

No Papers, No English, No Voice......Hard Life. What do we lack?
Veinte centavos para tanto trabajo?
Pain shoots from my neck like fire down my back.

Nostalgia hits me so hard in July
Miro mi gente en el fil, luchando todos los días
My AC full blast! My heart aches and I begin to cry,

Respect I give as I look out to an ocean of Brown.
Nunca olvidaré mis raíces.
As I pass, I always roll the Windows down. 

--  Susana R., Adult