How did we get here?

If I can know.
I want to know,
just want to know.
How did we get here?
Here to this place,
where I look into space, and see your face
and think, I don't deserve her.
What mercy, what grace,
has created this place,
of warmth, of refuge?
In your eyes, there I look.
I admit that it took,
the Almighty to see, deep inside me,
to know that I was waiting for you, who were so near, yet so far.
Until He said here you are,
and will be together.
By my perfect plan, a woman, a man,
with a place in their hearts only each other can fill.
We alone, now still,
enfolded in arms, wondering if there ever will
be an answer to hear.
Or is the joy enough that can ask such a question?
Until death do us part,
we can ask, and where hearts
find God in the silence, we will live.
In the grace that is near. In His grace that is here.

-- Mario S., Adult