A home is a home.

Where tears are shed,

Where love is seen,

Where separation is known,

And hugs warmth is never forgotten.

Our nations people,

Stay up all night,

Staring at the wall,

Hoping their Will,

Makes it at night.

Kids toss,

Kids turn,

Kids yearn for more time,

Wishing their love,

Is known.

Parents tremble,

At every ding,

Crossing their fingers,

Hoping their baby,

Is not a memory.

Friends know,

You are doing your duty,

That does not help,

The tears in their eyes,

And this uneasy feeling.

Hope is but the home.

Home is where we Will,

Beneath heavy hearts and through heavy air,

We conduct ourselves steadfast,

And hold onto the past.

-- Thalia W., 16