Why am I sacred but when I have done it all
They say they want to listen but don’t care when you tell them
People say they love you when they really don’t
One day I am going to leave and never come back
You ask me why I am hurting I keep trying to dig out the mud but never happens I am always in the
same spot
You ask why I am tired of standing cause I ate my bones all down
I hate when your little ones look at you cry and tear up they hug you because they don’t know what to do it makes you hurt more because you are almost dead and it makes you happy but hurt because they’re scared for you
These are the lines you are supposed to walk but you end up going outside them they also tell you how to be but they don’t really know themselves
I fake my smile because it makes life so much easier than people making fun of you because deep inside there is nothing fine I am losing my mind
People call me a liar because I don’t tell them everything
I am dumb because I am not always right
I am fat because I am human and eat when I am hungry
People want to judge me because they walked in on a hard chapter in my life
We point fingers like we are better but really it makes us look bad and shows our real true colors
--Angelina L., 11