Homework, Homework please go away.
I though I did you yesterday.
There are so many things to do.
But, seriously, who came up with you?!!!
No one falls for "my dog ate you,"
but I oh so wish that could go through.
What's the purpose of you in my life?
Can't you go give someone else strife?
They say school is for work,
home just can't be for more brainwork.
I can't make you go,
it's almost like you're a pro!!!
(At taking my time)
(Wow, I can actually rhyme!)
If I can't get you out then I'll have to act fast,
and make you just become my past.
I always get a good grade,
and I see you're to aid.
Though I think I don't need it,
couldn't you go and just try to babysit?
--Shirley R., 11