Hercules the Wonder Dog

LOOK! Its a wolf! Its a bear! No, its. . .
Hercules the Wonder Dog,
Around the streets of Shaver Lake you'll see him jog,
He likes to chase after the local coyote pack,
And we never have to worry 'cause he always comes back.
But he learned a tough lesson when he was just a pup,
That chasing after cars can really mess you up,
A car hit his leg and caused a serious break,
But he's still the fastest dog in Shaver Lake.
He's Hercules the Wonder Pup,
All the girl dogs in Shaver try to talk him up,
He says I have to chase coyote but I'll tell you what,
When I get back I promise we'll sniff each other's. . .
But, he's Hercules the Wonder Mutt,
Around the streets of Shaver Lake he struts his stuff,
If you come to Shaver Lake he's a guy you want to meet,
He usually hangs around on Dorabella Street,
Just look around the town till you see some yellow snow,
And if you see a flash of golden fur then you'll know,
Its Hercules the Wonder Dog!

-- Larry S., Adult