Growing Old (my thoughts exactly)

Don't treat me like I don't exist
That I'm too old to be kissed
Don't tell me what I should do
As if I don't have a clue
Brush my teeth
Wash my face
Comb my hair
Clean up the place
Don't forget to clean my nails
Remember I'm a little frail
My mind yet works
My feelings are sure
Treat me with kindness
Love is the cure
I will grow old as I keep living
Respect me, don't reject me
Please keep on giving
Give me your ear when I need to talk
Give me your arm when I need to walk
Share your eyes when I can't see
Please don't forget about me
I've lived my life
And I've come pretty far
Here's the keys to my car
Can't drive anymore
People drive too fast
My eyesight could no longer last
Make decisions
Yet ask me first
Your love and respect I'll always thirst
My life's not over
No not yet
I'll have peace with God
When He comes back.

--R. Denyse C., Adult