Freedom and Equality

As the Cool summer Sun fades,
As the Clouds turn from purple to not,
I feel a sense of absolute astonishment
as God paints the sky a teary night.

As I sit there and watch...
In total awe!

A peaceful atonement washes over me...
As if to say: "You're been set free; Divinity proclaims it that way!

As it gets closer to dusk, and the temp begins to fall,
my mind begins to wander about the cost of it all?!

About the true cost of Freedom;
About the fact that as I watched that beautiful sunset that set me free...

Their were men and women,
slave and free,
young and old,

people of ALL nationalities,
have been set free;
free to see my sunset one last time before we go to sleep...

Our little sunset under the banner of freedom and equality!

-- John S., Adult